200th Anniversary

Palermo United Church
200th Anniversary Celebration

The Palermo United Church celebrated its 200th Anniversary on Sunday September 16th as more than 85 people attended the event. There was a special worship at 10am by a Circuit Rider Preacher and the Palermo Choir and after the worship there was BBQ lunch and a chance to mingle with each other. In celebration many wore 1812 period costumes.

The congregation was founded as a Methodist Church in 1812; the building was erected in 1867. In 1925, this church became a part of the United Church of Canada. Over the course of its history, this congregation helped establish over 20 churches and/or chapels in the Oakville area.

There is a long and storied history of God being worshiped in this community, and there is a long tradition of being a presence for Christ and for the Holy Spirit in Oakville.

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