About our Pastors


Join us each Sunday morning for worship at 10:00 A.M. with our rotating worship team.             

Following is a brief profile of our lay worship leader.

 Glenn MacPherson

Glenn was born and raised in Renfrew, Ontario.  He grew in faith with the St. Andrew’s United Church community.  Glenn and his wife Judith were married there by the late Rev. Howard Dickenson, who had a positive impact on them in their teenage years.  As a young family in Roxboro, Quebec, they led a church youth group called the “7-Ups.”

Their family grew as they moved from Canada to the United Kingdom to the United States and then back to Canada.  They have two adult children and two grandchildren, whose father, their late son Jeff, died accidently in 2014.  Through all this, their spiritual journey continued through church involvement.  Glenn finds his participation within the church and within the business community through a variety of groups most rewarding.

Glenn felt called to go back to school as a mature student at Wycliffe College at the University of Toronto.  After six years of study, he graduated in 2006 with a Diploma in Lay Ministry (DPLM).  Glenn is now a Christian Ordained Minister (OM), as authorized by the Global Christian Ministry Forum – Canada (GCMF).

Judith and Glenn have been members of Glen Abbey United Church since 1991, and it was there that Rev. Bill Brown and the Worship Committee invited Glenn to lead a service of worship for the first time.  It was not easy, but with support of Bill and others, this first service offered a clear glimpse of where God was calling Glenn. 

Since then, Glenn has lead many services of worship in a diversity of settings and contexts, including funerals and weddings.  Over the last ten years, through diligent work and study, Glenn has realized his goal to become an ordained worker for Jesus Christ.  

Judith and Glenn are now active members of the Palermo United Church family, which has provided many opportunities to both of them.  Glenn sees his life mission as working both with the faithful and the disaffected – the broken, the hopeless, the grieving.  Glenn welcomes all seekers!

It is with a great deal of enthusiasm and humility that I approach my opportunities at Palermo and in the greater community.  He and his wife get a great sense of acceptance and support from the entire Palermo congregation.  All of these experiences continue to help him proclaim the good news about God’s love and invitation.  Judith and Glenn are grateful for God’s incredible Grace and the interesting life experiences that have brought them to this point.  Thanks be to God.


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