About Us

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The History:

This congregation was founded as a Methodist Church in 1812; the building was erected in 1867.  In 1925, this church became a part of the United Church of Canada.  Over more than 200 years of history, this congregation helped establish over 20 churches and/or chapels in the Oakville area.  There is a long and storied history of God being worshiped in this community, and there is a long tradition of being a presence for Christ and for the Holy Spirit in Oakville.

The History: Palermo and Nelson United Churches – The First Thirty Years 1808-1838 by Rev. John Shearman

Nelson and Palermo United Church History 1808-1838

Palermo United Church Pictures

Oakville Heritage Moments – log on for a history lesson on Palermo United Church and Community –


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The Present:

Originally, the area around Palermo United was mainly rural and agricultural.  Today, things are changing.  New homes and neighbourhoods are being built around the church.  The people of Palermo United are committed to making this church the new community’s church.  Palermo United’s facilities are being upgraded and improved.  New spiritual growth and fellowship programs are being introduced.  All this is happening in order to make Palermo United the church where people’s spirits are fed and nurtured.

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The Future:

The future is open-ended.  The kind of ministry and service flowing from Palermo United will depend on the needs of the local community.  Consider this your invitation to join in this new chapter of Palermo United’s story.  Come and be a part of this community; come and help shape the future!

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