Having fun and making new friends is an important part of life at Palermo United.  With so many people moving into the new subdivisions nearby the church, it is hoped that Palermo United will be a place where new neighbours meet and become friends.

Following each Sunday morning service, all who are present are welcome to enjoy a time of refreshments and fellowship.  During the fall, winter, and spring, feel free to stop by the church on Thursday mornings from 9:30am to 10:30am for Coffee Hour.  Enjoy some fresh coffee, a delicious home-made muffin, and a great time of fellowship.  Throughout the year, a number of special dinners are held at Palermo United.  Be sure to check-out the Upcoming Events page for more details.

There is also a regular gathering of the Palermo Ladies for lunch on the 2nd Tuesday of most months.  This is a chance for women to gather for a time of fellowship and planning.   Information about these meetings, place and times appears on the Upcoming Events page.

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Please note that these fellowship events and groups are still in their infancy.  As the congregation of Palermo United grows and evolves, these groups will change and grow also.  In time, new fellowship groups will be started.  The possibilities are wide-open!

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